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Actigator – real fishing forecast

Helps ensuring catch regardless the weather and circumstances



The possibility to do weather forecast on the basis of the real statistic data became known for the mankind only in the middle of the 19th century thanks to the idea and effort of captain Robert Fitz-Roy. The officer of the British navy found out the correlation between pressure and weather. Nowadays the weather forecast is exercised on the basis of the hydrodynamics equations of Wilhelm Berkness being in practice in the 50th of the last century after a computer turned up. Nowadays the precision of the “tomorrow” weather forecast is about 90%.

In year 2009 the team of enthusiastic fishmen from Ukraine set up the world first mathematical algorithm, based on the statistic data of the fishing conditions and results of fishing, to predict fish activity.

This model is continuously improved and takes into account the weather conditions, phase of Moon, magnetic storms influence and other parameters, including fishing experience and periodicity of fishing.


Actigator helps to catch fish within couple of hours of spontaneous day-off fishing

Concentrate yourself on fishing the fish active today. Don’t waste time choosing baits but take the most efficient


Human’s activity changes the climate and fishing habits. In modern conditions the traditional fish catching signs lose their topicality. The methods of statistic analysis and mathematical simulation being in the basis of the Actigator ensure flexible reaction for climate variations and continuously increases the forecast’s precision. Forget about granny’s signs and keep up with the technologies.
Michael Braikovskiy – the author of the idea


By this time the advantages of the Actigator is actively used by fishmen in Ukraine (28 000 cities), Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Germany, Slovenia, Netherlands and Great Britain (2400 +). Catch forecast is made on the basis of the local fishing features.


All at once to the real fishermen

Add fishing reports to get F.ishkas




Access to all features of the Actigator is activated by F.ishkas which can be bought everywhere or received free of charge when adding the reports about fishing. The more reports - the more precision of the forecast. A part of the F.ishka’s charge will be transferred for seeding the rivers Dnepr and Dunebe.








The active users, adding the fishing reports, receive both free access to all features of the Service and another important advantage - personal Fish Activity Index (FAI) for their favorite (“secret”) fishing spots.*




* For the personal FAI calculation system only uses data from your fishing reports. It needs no less than 10 fishing report with every fish in every season to start individual FAI calculation. For example, you need to add no less than 10 reports with pike in summer to get Personal FAI for pike in summer.




The time of granny’s signs is up

Give up guessing! The Actigator computes…



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