User agreement

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. The present  Agreement shall be the Agreement of adhesion under the Clause 634 of the Civil code of Ukraine under which the Resource Administration shall provide the users (hereinafter “User”) the services stipulated in the present Agreement (hereinafter “Services”)  as to the search of the information about fish activity (fishing) forecast on the Internet-service (hereinafter “Service”).

1.2. The services include:

  • 1.2.1. Acquaintance with the information placed on the Service including downloading internet-sites of the Service.
  • 1.2.2. Search of the fish activity forecast both within and out of Ukraine and accompanying information placed on the Service.
2. The order of the Agreement conclusion

2.1. The Agreement shall be concluded by adhesion of the User in whole.

2.2. The fact of the User adhesion to the present Agreement in whole shall be confirmed by the User’s execution one of the actions stipulated in the subclauses 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 of the present Agreement.

2.3. The Agreement shall be valid from the moment of its conclusion to the moment of its cancellation by the Parties.

3. The order of the Services provision

3.1. The User on their own shall receive the service with the Internet-sites of the Service via the actions stipulated in subclauces 1.2.1-1.2.2 of the present Agreement.

3.2. The User shall understand and approve Resource Administartion’s being free of the responsibility for the technical faults during the provision of the services, for the information storage and its loss, for the usage of the information placed by the Resource Administration on the Service by the User or the third persons.

4. Cautions and guarantees

4.1. The User shall approve that all and any rights of an intellectual property (author’s rights) for the information (work, report) published by the User and Resource Administration on the Service and also for the data base of the Service shall belong exclusively and in full to the Resource Administration.

4.2. The Resource Administration shall not execute monitoring and checking of the fish activity forecast placed on the Service.

4.3. The Resource Administration shall not guarantee the reliability, precision, objectivity and quality of the fish activity forecast and accompanying information.

4.4. The Resource Administration shall not bear responsibility for the possible material and/or moral damage which may arise due to usage (acquaintance) of the provided fish activity forecast and accompanying information.

4.5. The Users shall be forbidden to cope, spread, place on other internet-resources or in kind of large-scale any  information placed on the Service or its part, the data base of the Service or its part, any objects of the intellectual property except the cases of receiving and publication of the widget of the fish activity forecast.

5. Conditions to use fishing forecast widget

The User shall be entitled to receive and publish the widgets of the fish activity forecast and shall be liable:

5.1. To preserve the widget unchanged;

5.2. To place the widget in the way accessible for the Internet-user in full volume;

5.3. To place the widget only on the Internet-sites qualified for placing such kind of the content;

5.4. To prevent placing the widget on the Internet-sites containing the content (information, images, other materials) forbidden by the legislation of Ukraine, in particular but not restraining, the following content: pornography, discrimination, propaganda of violence, illegal advertising; breaching (or received in result of breaching) the rights of intellectual property, slander, other content contradicting any norms of the active legislation of Ukraine.

6. Other conditions

6.1. Disputable issues connected with the fulfillment of the present Agreement shall be solved by force of negotiations between the parties. In case of impossibility to achieve the consent  the issue shall be solved juridically under the legislation of Ukraine.