Confidentiality agreement

1. The present agreement shall be the agreement of joining, using the Service by the User which shall witnesses the joining of the User to the present Agreement in full and confirms their consent with the conditions hereinafter.

2. When utilizing the Service by the User the Resource Administration exercises collection and processing user’s data, namely:

  • 2.1. data supplied by the User both when filling the Service registration form and during using the Service;
  • 2.2. cookie files;
  • 2.3. ip-address;
  • 2.4. parameters and set up of Internet browsers.

3. The Resource Administration enlists the user’s data in the personal data base of the Internet users from the moment when the User starts utilizing the Service and also during the period of utilizing the Service by the User. The term of the data storage equals to the period when the User utilizes the Service and also during the next three years after the account has been closed on the Service and the User has quitted the Service.

4. The Resource Administration exercises the User’s personal data processing with any means aimed to provide the User services (identification, authentificating, authorization, restoring the password, information data transferring under the user’s subscription, answering the User’s requests and letters, and also other actions which are necessary from time to time to provide the Service.

5. The Resources Administration utilizes the depersonalized data to target the advertising and/or information materials of age, sex and other data to process statistic research with any other means.

6. The Resource Administration shall be entitled to pass on the personal data, the personal data base (which includes the personal data of the User) in full or partly to the third party without informing the User in the following cases: to the persons owing or running the Service, to the persons connected/affiliated with the Resource Administration, to new owner and/or Resources’ owner for processing in purposes under the present Agreement, to other users of the Service (both physical and juridical) in case the corresponding functional has been provided by the Service.

7. When utilizing the Service by the User there may be present the Internet-resources codes of the third persons resulting in obtaining by these persons the data pointed out in clauses  2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 of the present Agreement. Such Internet-resources of the third persons shall be:

  • 7.1. Systems collecting the services visiting statistics (e.g. counters, Google Analytics and etc.);
  • 7.2. Social - blocks of the social networks (e.g. Facebook and etc.);
  • 7.3. Systems of banner show (e.g. AdRiver and etc.);
  • 7.4. The other resources.

8. The User shall posses all rights to protect their personal data under the active legislation of Ukraine, particularly under the law of Ukraine “On protection of personal data”.

9. Processing of the personal data is exercised in data-centers equipped to ensure the Services’ functioning. The Resource Administration shall take all measures under the legislation to protect User’s personal data, particularly processing the data shall be exercised with the equipment set up in guarded premises with restricted access.

10. Resource Administration shall be entitled to amend the conditions of the present Agreement in one-sided way. In this case all mentioned amendments shall be published there  and shall be compulsory for the User 10 days after the date of the publication.